Monday, 1 April 2013

Staatliches Bauhaus School

On 1st April 1919, Walter Gropius founded the famous Staatliches Bauhaus School, in Germany. The concept behind the school was to combined applied arts and fine arts in the aim of making craftsmen rather than artists, as Walter Gropius proclaimed his goal was"to create a new guild of craftsmen, without the class distinctions which raise an arrogant barrier between craftsman and artist." *
Part of the The Bauhaus 'manifesto' was the use of very simplified forms and the fact that mass-production and the individual artist expression were reconciled to create something functional and rational. 
The school was a success back in time and is still very influential nowadays in disciplines such as 'architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design and typography'. * 

For more information about the school's history, have a look here!

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